Border Collie Training, Sheep Shearing, Replacement Stock, Lambs, Pasture Management Consultation

Welcome to Green Acres Farm! The name may sound familiar. Our daughters named the farm when they saw me driving home our 1949 Farmall-H and found it reminiscent of an old television show which I’m sure you’ve all seen.

I’m Jim McRae. With my wife Liz and our 4 Border Collies we keep things going at Green Acres.  We raise a flock of commercial cross bred sheep.   We also raise pigs, broilers and have a flock of laying hens.

We manage our  flock using intensive rotational grazing. We lamb on pasture and our ewes have been selected through the years for their ability to lamb without our assistance. Ewes have excellent mothering skills and lambs are hardy and active. We have limited breeding stock available for people who are interested in these traits.

We sell live lambs and can help arrange for the processing of a freezer lamb for customers who prefer grass fed Vermont lamb to the grocery store alternative. You can contact us through the email below.

tibworkingWe enjoy our sheep, but Border Collies are our passion. We train working Border Collies and their handlers to work and manage stock.

We offer private lessons as well as our “dog days” where we invite handlers to bring their dogs to work our sheep. All levels of skill and any working stock dog breed are welcome. To find out more about our lessons or “dog days” email me at . We also occasionally have puppies or started dogs available, and do several working dog demos throughout the year.

Liz Willis (my longtime shearing partner) and I are professional sheep shearers. Liz was the New Hampshire State youth champion for two years. We shear sheep throughout Vermont, New England and New York. We also do shearing demonstrations at various fairs and events throughout the year. We have a good knowledge of Vermont sheep history and an antique hand crank shearing machine. People tell us that we put on an entertaining and educational show. You can see us at the Pittsford Sheep Festival, The Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival or at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. We also in conjunction with UVM Extension run an annual sheep shearing school. For sheep shearing, shearing school or demos contact me at:

Jim McRae
Green Acres Farm
3200 US RT. 7
Pittsford, VT 05763 –  dogs & sheep – shearing