pitts_fest_jimThe Rutland Area Shepherds of Vermont is a non-profit group representing local shepherds. Your support helps the local farmer and contributes to the local economy. It also helps to keep Vermont’s pastures open and green.  Contact us at info@vermontshepherds.com.

Lamb comes to market and sheep are shorn once per year, but growing these quality products is a year-round job. Our shepherds take great care in raising a wholesome, quality product. From long winter nights in the barn at lambing time till the product is delivered at your door our goal is to grow the very best lamb, lamb that you will find to be more economical than you imagined.

Our fleeces are clean and well cared for – that means cleaning fields of briar and thistles, building special feeders to keep hay out of our wool, and paying special attention to the health and nutrition of our flocks.

When you buy our product you are buying from local people who want you to be pleased with their product, and who want to maintain their reputation for high quality. This personal contact with the actual producer helps to assure your satisfaction.

This website is funded in part by a grant from the American Lamb Board.