Fleece, Hides and Tender Lamb Cuts

Our hobby farm is ten acres of pasture and homestead with a backdrop of 80 forested acres located in the middle of Vermont’s beautiful and exciting Green Mountains. We are walking distance from the Appalachian Trail and the White Rocks Recreation Area.

We raise Shetland and Jacob sheep for fleece, hides and meat. Both breeds are “unimproved” and retain much of their original survival instincts and traits. They have excellent wool properties, but historically the Shetland was at least as much a meat animal and the Jacob tended to be an all-purpose “show” animal (due to its unique horns and coloration). The ewes of both breeds need little or no help in lambing and are very productive. The Jacobs average 2.4 lambs and the Shetlands nearly two, are not prone to parasite attack and need little hoof care (actually, they need very little of anything, but we give them attention anyway).

Their size makes them easy to handle and fun for children, and their intelligence has helped us greatly! They are not usually used for commercial meat since they are so small and do not fatten up well in a stockyard, but the meat that we sell is lean and has a fabulous and subtle lamb flavor. We like to grow as much of our food as possible and if you’d like to try what our family eats, or are interested in fleece or hides, or are curious about what we do, please contact us – We look forward to hearing from you!

Kathy and Karl Ross
RossKnoll Farm
East Wallingford, VT