It is just like the difference between a supermarket tomato and a fresh garden tomato. Our locally grown Vermont lamb is far superior to a frozen product from halfway around the world. Our lamb is grown naturally without hormones or steroids. It is leaner and has a milder, more delicate flavor than its store-bought equivalent. Even if you have never enjoyed lamb before, you should try the real thing.

Many of our farms offer package lamb to your needs. We can provide suggestions on different cuts and even supply some tried and true recipes. Buying a whole lamb can be a very economical way to buy meat for your family. Local delivery can be arranged.

Types of lamb:

Hothouse:  A young lamb – often born during the late fall or winter – that was raised on its mother and most often supplemented with feed. It is slaughtered at approximately six to ten weeks of age.  Because it is still nursing its mother prior to slaughter, it has desirable fat cover. A hothouse lamb is not weaned. Weaning stresses the lamb, darkens the meat and reduces fat cover and apparent muscle thickness. (definition courtesy Cornell Cooperative Extension)
Freezer:  definition coming soon!

Local Hot House and Freezer Lambs Suppliers:

Green Acres Farm: call Jim McRae 802-483-2463

Marble Meadows Farm: email